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Impact Challenge

For Google.org

We built a platform to connect social enterprises to the resources they need to thrive.

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Responsive Pulse

For Undercurrent

We developed a tool to help companies adapt, grow, and envision a better workplace.

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“For any organization seeking a strong implementation and thought partner in realizing new ideas and projects, Planetary is your group.”

Paul Nauert, Google.org

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Latest Notes
Well-designed Interfaces Look Boring

37% of the world has the internet literally at their fingertips, allowing them to manage their finances and healthcare, communicate in real-time using pictures and videos, and purchase everything from hamburgers to houses. Complex functions require complex interfaces; so how has interface design changed to accommodate?

The Process Manifest

Describing process at an early company can be a bit like describing a feeling: ephemeral, difficult to put into words, perpetually changing under the ebb and flow of the moment.

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